Emphy - decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem

You don’t have to be rich
to travel well with Emphy

What is

Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations.

Emphy will make it possible to solve and simplify the problems that most of the guests and landlords face. Emphy is the way to better travel experiences, discovering new destinations, meeting new people.

How it works

Smart Contract

This allows both sides to be sure what they are dealing with, providing certain rules in each particular rental deal


The combination of these time - tested technologies along with Ethereum based smart contracts provides the overall reliability and speed of the entire Emphy ecosystem.


Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations.

Approved contract

Your contract is approved - you are ready for traveling

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Clif High

Chief Scientist at “Half Past Human”

A corollary of their rating approach of the property is likely to produce very complete, and continuously current, documentation of the facilities such that properties under their umbrella may well rent for more, and in a more consistent manner, and for more money over time.

What is special:

Low commission

User bonuses

Virtual tours

Powerful platform

Better security

ID recognition

Our mission

Our ecosystem will make life easier for both guests and landlords. For instance, with Emphy, listing registration becomes more straightforward and clear. Landlord can accomplish publishing advertising in a few minutes having just a smartphone.

Guests will get more complete information before they decide to book a property. Along with motivating bonus system and feedbacks, this provide better and more reliable way of lodging.


What is the process


Powerful platform

Each user of the Emphy platform is verified through the automatic ID confirmation system using face recognition technology.


Panoramic photos

Panoramic photos at 180 and 360 degrees, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place where the traveler is planning to stop.



EmphyCoin is the unit of account between all users of the Emphy ecosystem.


Smart contract

Blockchain combined with smart contracts will eliminate the dependence on the centralized system between the participants of the transaction


Leave & travel

The QR code is used to determine the check-in and check-out. Also, the host and the guest leave each other's feedback which forms the user's rating.


This is a list of steps we have done so far,
as well as ones that we are
about to take

Mar 17
The Idea

Jun 17

Oct 17
Token Sale

Feb 18
UX / UI Design platform Emphy

Apr 18
Alpha version of the product

May 18
Platform testing and further developments

Jun 18
Beta version

Jul 18
Announcement of the pilot country of the platform

Aug 18

First step

The Emphy platform will increase security, establish a high level of trust between users and will promote the development of tourism both within countries and at the international level.

Second step

Emphy ecosystem receives 4% of the amount of a smart contract as a commission. 30% of the commission paid is returned in the form of bonuses to the guest and the property owner.

Third step

The limited release of tokens and a steady demand for them due to the growth of concluded rent smart contracts should increase their value on the market.

Main features

Smart contract

This allows both sides to be sure what they are dealing with, providing certain rules in each particular rental deal

AI applied

Special AI is used to provide quick and reliable facial recognition for ID verification


With decentralized architecture ecosystem becomes more reliable and less exposed to outside influences


All actions from adding rental property to renting it as well as payments are done with mobile devices


With peer-to-peer network, we remove middle man which allows to significantly reduce process and service fees


Large number of rental offers for reasonable price, at locations never available before

Token distribution

Total number of issued EPY tokens is 15,375,000


% Crowdsale


% Bounty


% Team


% Marketing

Our team

Our team combines both IT and management expertise
to deliver disruptive business models with a solid technical foundation

Dmitri Nogin


Aleksandr Kormiltsyn

Senior Developer, Ph.D.

Ilya Lissoboi

Senior Developer, Node.js

Igor Ursini

Business Developer, Co-founder, MBA

Oleg Kuznetsov

Frontend Developer

Pavel Kalabin

Backend Developer

David Jefferis

Community Manager

Valerie Rozumna

Marketing Manager

Bohdan Varshchuk

Blockchain Expert (Teamvoy)

Zhanna Yuskevych

Solutions Architect, Mobile Developer (Teamvoy)

Ivan Sadovyi

Android Developer (Teamvoy)

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